Top 5 Reasons to Apply


The Incubator Awards program gives you the opportunity to put your company in front of a cross-section of the most prominent early stage investors and industry leaders in the region.

"The Maryland Incubator Company of the Year Awards provides a great opportunity for early stage technology companies. The review committee consists of key venture capitalists and leaders in the state’s technology community – important stakeholders who can play an essential role in the further growth of a startup organization." Boro Dropulic, CEO of Lentigen Corporation

"Everything else being equal, the funding community often views an incubator company as a better bet from an investment perspective since it's had a superior support network to develop an infrastructure. A company selected as a finalist for the Incubator Company of the Year Awards sets itself apart from its peers and increases its credibility as a viable business to potential investors."Richard A. Kohr Jr., Managing Member of Evergreen Advisors, LLC.


The opportunity to highlight being a finalist or award recipient in your business plan and marketing materials provides instant credibility with investors and customers.

"We received excellent exposure through our participation in The Maryland Incubator Company of the Year Awards. The program not only increased our recognition and credibility, but allowed us to be honored alongside Maryland’s most promising and successful companies. We are truly honored to be a Incubator Company of the Year winner and highly recommend participation in the program." Carole Teolis, CEO of TRX Systems.

"The Incubator Company of the Year Award has helped Syntonics demonstrate to our stakeholders that we're a credible company with good momentum. This is something that is really important to a young company." Bruce Montgomery, President of Syntonics LLC


In addition to being exposed to the Selection Committee, the Incubator Awards program provides visibility for your company.

"Participating in the Incubator Company of the Year Award program provided PharmAthene with a valuable opportunity to showcase our strategy and continuing success. Winning the Graduate Company of the Year award was an important honor of which we’re very proud." David Wright, CEO of PharmAthene.

"The exposure you receive within the state’s technology community and beyond is reason alone to participate in the award program. The Maryland Incubator Company of the Year Awards elevated our name recognition within the information technology community." Kurk Heckman, President and CEO of Sycamore.US, Inc.


The third party validation of your business model helps attract customers and employees

"The Incubator Company of the Year Award that we received last year provided an excellent validation of DataStream's business model and strategy. In addition, the exposure that this award gave our company was exceptional and directly resulted in a significant contract with a new customer." Mark Anstey, President of DataStream Conversion Services, LLC


The Incubator Awards program helps educate the public on the role of an incubator for economic development purposes and recognizes the achievements of the incubator managers.

"This Incubator Company of the Year Awards highlight and publicize the activities of the selected companies, often enhancing access to capital and/or strategic partnership opportunities. In addition, I think this program gives us an ability not shared by any other incubator community in the country to showcase our brightest and best clients.” Ann Lansinger, Executive Director of the Emerging Technology Center in Baltimore and President of the Maryland Business Incubation Association.